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Our Maths Curriculum


Our aim is to develop students’ mathematical thinking and communication and with that in mind we have collaboratively developed a five year scheme of work that promotes problem solving, resilience and ensures full curriculum coverage. There is an emphasis on knowledge retrieval and the teaching methods of the department have been developed with mastery and interleaving as key elements. We also believe that students who are successful with number are much more confident mathematicians, so number is emphasised throughout the five year plan. Its implementation is monitored through regular learning walks and  CPD sessions. 


To make learning exciting our interactions with the students get them thinking with tasks that promote a deeper mathematical discussion and understanding. Students receive personalised feedback after every assessment and independent study is expected through Hegarty Maths/Dr Frost Maths which we also use as our homework platforms. We encourage risk-taking by rewarding process rather than the final outcome.  

Students develop a growth mind-set as a result of deeper learning and increased risk-taking.  This is a result of prolonged thinking time, careful questioning and variation. 


Students can all access the learning resources from lessons via their Class Notebooks – allowing them to go over again at home if needed or make sure any work missed is caught up quickly.


In Mathematics, our students ‘grow in wisdom’ through the Curriculum which incorporates the different strands of Mathematics - Number, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics and Ratio. Students ‘grow in stature’ as they explore concepts and ideas that are relevant to our everyday life, such as use of trigonometry and Pythagoras in the real world and financial maths. Spirituality is developed through many topics studied and touches on the wonders of maths in nature with Fibonacci sequences and spirals.

Maths Big Ideas

Maths Curriculum Plan

Maths Scheme of Learning Overview Example

Maths Staffing


Subject Leader for Maths

Mrs D Hathaway

Teachers of Maths

Mrs J Cliff

Mr A Cassell (AHT)

Mrs R Spencer

Mrs S Perry

Mr S Jones

Mr C Bodea

Mr J O'Halloran


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