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Behaviour and Rewards



Developing good habits, kindness, respect and self-regulation are essential if our students are to flourish spiritually, academically and personally during their time at school, and beyond. 




We believe that “clear is kind”; we want our approach to developing students’ positive behaviour to be crystal clear – if you're ever not sure about something, please don’t hesitate to ask. 


We believe that our behaviour and rewards systems should be fair and applied equitably. Where necessary or appropriate we will put additional support in place to help every student succeed and meet our expectations, so that they can flourish. 




At St. Michael’s we have designed 6 school habits which form the framework for our behaviour and rewards policy. These habits allow our teachers to teach and our students to learn. These habits will also prepare our students for their professional lives beyond their time at school. 


Our school habits: 


  1. Arrive equipped to learn to every lesson. 
  2. Abide by the school dress code. 
  3. Attend every lesson, every day, on time.  
  4. Respond positively to peers and staff. 
  5. Stay on task, and work hard to complete all tasks. 
  6. Be courteous on the corridors, and safe and sensible at social times. 


The first three habits are about how we prepare. 

The final three habits are about how we behave. 




At times it is necessary to put sanctions such as detentions in place for students who fail to meet our school habits. Detentions are held at break/lunch/after school depending on the type of detention. We will always endeavour to contact parents ahead of a detention taking place. Please ensure your contact details are up-to-date so that we can let you know about sanctions and rewards.


We use a system called ClassCharts to monitor and track positive and negative behaviour incidents in school.


If you do not yet have your ClassCharts parent logins, please contact


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