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Our spirituality is our individual sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves; be it our God, our universe, or our values. Spirituality gives us a sense of meaning and purpose in life. 


There are four elements of spirituality that we experience through life at St Michael's; that which is within us (self), beside us (others), above us, (transcendence), and around us (beauty).


"Within us" - SELF

  • Our awareness of our uniqueness and worthiness 

  • Our ability to reflect 

  • Our exploration of personal faith 

  • Finding our own values by which to live  

  • Developing our imagination and creativity 


"Beside us" - OTHERS

  • Showing empathy and understanding  

  • Displaying respect and tolerance 

  • Knowing what it is to love and be loved (As Jesus said, "Love your neighbour.")

  • Making a difference

  • Being 'Courageous Advocates'



  • Having awareness of something greater than ourselves 

  • Encountering and experiencing God (including through prayer)

  • Learning how to be comfortable with silence and reflection

  • Ability to think and discuss the ‘Big Questions’


"Around us" - BEAUTY

  • Developing a sense of awe and wonder 

  • Enjoying the miracles of everyday life 

  • Appreciating beauty in art, music, and nature 

  • Taking time for what really matters


Spirituality in our students and staff is developed not only through our Curriculum for Life programme and through Religious Studies but also through subject areas; for example in Geography, where their sense of place in the world is discussed through issues relating to environmental and natural disasters; in Science, where our place in the Universe is considered; or in English, where ideas of self and others are explored through a range of thought provoking texts.

This is described in more detail on the individual subject pages in the Curriculum section of the website.

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