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Religious Studies

Our Religious Studies Curriculum


In accordance with the whole school policy, the Religious Studies department sees itself as being central and integral to the whole school ethos in promoting our school values. We aim to help each pupil achieve their full potential; academically, emotionally and socially and to provide a secure environment in which this process can take place.


The understanding of the vocabulary and language of Religious Studies underpins all of the work undertaken. All pupils are encouraged to develop a critical, reflective, and ‘open minded’ response to all aspects of the subject.


This will be done through:

  • A delivery of Religious Studies which caters for the talents and abilities of all pupils.
  • Promoting the qualities of determination, self-motivation and objective self -criticism.
  • Promoting teamwork and a sense of place in the local, national and international community.
  • Promoting a culture of high expectations and challenging pupils to achieve at the highest levels of attainment.
  • Inspiring confidence and innovation by promoting resilience, experimentation and critical thinking skills.
  • Creating opportunities for independent, group and collaborative class work.
  • Providing a non-threatening environment in which pupils and staff value each other as individuals.
  • Learning about Religions: to enable pupils to come to an understanding of religious beliefs and practices.
  • Learning from Religions: to help students to develop positive attitudes, respect and sensitivity towards the ethical, moral, philosophical and social issues associated with religious beliefs.
  • Encouraging students to examine and reflect upon and value the spiritual aspects of life.


With Luke Chapter 5 v 52 (Jesus grew in wisdom and stature) at the heart of the RS curriculum, students will explore a series of philosophical and ontological questions examining the ‘big questions’ regarding the meaning and purpose of life, God and the origin of the universe, their interconnected role within the local and global community as a citizen, and the values by which we live. In learning about different religions and why people believe, students should have the opportunity to learn from their experiences, to reflect on and interpret spirituality and their own lives and discuss and reflect on ultimate questions. They are also encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in their learning. Throughout both key stages, students are encouraged to reflect upon a range of experiences that are presented through life and develop their own opinion on religious, moral, and ethical issues.



Religious Studies Big Ideas

Religious Studies Curriculum Plan

RS Knowledge Organisers Autumn 1 and 2

Religious Studies Staffing


Subject Leader for Religious Studies

Mr S McCartney

Teachers of Religious Studies

Mr J Ferguson

Ms K Dunleavy

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