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Our Geography Curriculum


The purpose of St Michael’s High School Geography curriculum is to develop Geographers that are global citizens, who are aware of natural, human and environmental changes and who will help to build a sustainable future.   


Our curriculum is fully inclusive, enabling all students to achieve excellence in their learning, encouraging students to flourish spiritually, personally and academically.  The Geography curriculum is reviewed continuously and is a live, working document, taking into account current events which shape our planet.   Our key concepts are carefully sequenced to allow progression in Geography and supports the development of reading and literacy throughout the school, through regularly reading complex texts and promoting a love for reading within the subject.  Our knowledge-rich curriculum exposes students to ideas and concepts beyond the National Curriculum and examination specifications.  


Students develop an understanding that Geography is present within everyday life in everything we do.  Our Geographers gain experiences in the field and in the classroom that enable them to become highly perceptive, reinforce their theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills. Our curriculum develops memory and recall in order to acquire key knowledge and skills for higher order thinking.  Skills acquired in Geography lessons allow students to become confident, independent learners who are highly employable in the world of work.   


The study of Geography at St Michael’s promotes spirituality through a sense of wonder and fascination with the physical and human world. We develop an understanding of how our individual actions can have collective impacts on the Earth.  Students learn about the interdependence of people and the natural environment.  Through our topic work, Geographers ‘grow in wisdom’ and study the varied cultures across the world and human processes, such as population change and migration, plus the impacts that natural disasters can have on people. This helps to develop empathy and understanding.  Geographers are encouraged to ask big questions about the creation of our planet, life and death and the idea of ‘something bigger than us’.  Through our lessons, our students ‘grow in stature’ through the teaching of skills, such as fieldwork, teamwork, careers education and their knowledge that they have an important individual worth in our society.    

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Geography Staffing


Subject Leader for Geography

Miss D Owen

Teacher of Geography/History

Mr J Smith

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