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Curriculum for Life


Each week pupils in Years 7-11 will participate in five 30-minute “Curriculum for Life" sessions. These sessions take place in the middle of the day.



We exist to help the help the children, young people, and families in our area to flourish spiritually, academically and personally, so that they experience a long and fulfilling life.

A central part of our Christian Vision is growing in 'stature' - our personal, moral and spiritual development. Because of this, our Curriculum for Life is designed to develop our students personally (e.g. character, interpersonal skills etc) and spiritually (e.g. understanding of self and purpose).



We do all things with love; in everything that we do, we try our best to be courageous, to be forgiving, to advance peace and champion equality. 

We work together with staff, students, parents and local organisations to provide the very best Curriculum for Life.




The 5 sessions will comprise of: 


Spiritual Development

  • Collective Worship planned and delivered by our Chaplain, students and staff.
  • Based around our school values of Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Courage and equality.
  • To find out more about Collective Worship, click HERE.


Career Development

  • To find out more about Career Development, click HERE.
  • Some elements of the PSHE curriculum are covered in these sessions.


Habits Development

  • A weekly assembly led by our senior leaders.
  • During these assemblies students will learn how to develop good study habits, as well as professional habits such as being prepared and thinking before reacting in challenging situations.


Health Development

  • Mental, Physical, Relational, Intellectual, Spiritual and Financial Health.
  • This covers the vast majority of the PSHE curriculum.


Values Development

  • Classroom based worship sessions designed to develop students' understanding of themselves and their values.
  • To find out more about Values Development, click HERE.
  • Students also review their attendance during this session.
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