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Our Science Curriculum


Our approach to the science curriculum is based firmly in an expectation that all students are capable of achieving high standards in science and has been designed to be ambitiously academic whilst remaining fully inclusive. From key stage 3 we aim to develop a firm foundational knowledge-rich base through use of knowledge organisers for each of the topics studied. The foundational knowledge obtained can then be developed further through teaching and learning that aims to develop conceptual understanding, an understanding and appreciation of scientific processes and methods and a cultural capital beyond examination content that provides social equity and mobility to all of our students. We build upon this by explicit teaching of key vocabulary and reading and this is embedded within each unit of work. Throughout the 5 year science curriculum the topics studied are carefully sequenced to allow students to link both their existing and new knowledge to the 8 big ideas in science.


In Science, our students ‘grow in wisdom’ through the Curriculum which incorporates the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students ‘grow in stature’ as they explore concepts and ideas that are relevant to our everyday life, such as sustainability and the importance of being a custodian of the natural world. Science uses evidence to make sense of the world. It has the ability to make us feel enormously insignificant (compared to the scale of the visible universe) and enormously significant (we are genetically unique). It helps us understand our relationship with the world around us (how the physical world behaves, the interdependence of all living things). Making new discoveries increases our sense of awe and wonder at the complexities and elegance of the natural world. All these elements help us develop our spirituality and drive us onwards in our search for understanding. 



Science Big Ideas

Science Curriculum Plan

Science Scheme of Learning Overview Examples

Science Staffing


Subject Leader for Science

Mrs S Jacks

2nd in Science

Dr Nicola Hanrahan

Teachers of Science

Ms E Ion

Mr P Hobbs

Dr Carmel Manwaring (TQAL)

Mrs C McIntyre (Head of School)

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