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BR1 School Bus



Between Magdalene Square and St Michael’s High School Via Netherton and Bootle.


We are happy to announce that after lengthy negotiations we have successfully secured a school bus service to and from our school.


The new service provider is Presidential and the bus ‘SM1’ will begin the journey from Netherton, Bootle, Seaforth, Waterloo and Crosby, arriving at St Michael’s at 8.30. The exact routes are given below and route times can be found on the reverse of this letter. The charge to the students will be at a subsidised cost of £1.20 per journey, payable to driver. The service will initially run for two terms and continuation is subject to take up.

The bus will use all recognised bus stops along the route, but I would ask that you advise your child that it is imperative that they put their hand out so the driver is fully aware that they want to board the bus.


Route :

Magdalene Square, St Oswald’ Lane, Park Lane West, Dunnings Bridge Road, Boundary Road, Sterrix Lane, Gorsey Lane, Sefton Road, Hawthorne Road, Church Road, Princess Way, Bridge Road, Linacre Road, Stanley Road, Marsh Lane, Rimrose Road, Crosby Road South, Church Road, Seaforth Road, Crescent Road, Sandy Road, Cambridge Road, Crosby Road, Crosby Road South, Crosby Road North, South Road, Mount Pleasant, Oxford Road, Bridge Road, Mersey Road, Eshe Road, Eshe Road North, St Michael’s Road to St Michael’s High school.

Return via above route to Crosby Road North then Sandringham Road, Sandy Road, Crescent Road, Seaforth Road, Princess Way, Rimrose Road then via above to Magdalene Square.



*Week 2 is determined by the school timetable.

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