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Whole School Reading

Reading Spine

At St. Michael’s, we firmly believe that the power of reading knows no bounds. Just like the foundation of a sturdy building, reading forms the cornerstone of education and opens the gateway to a world of opportunities for our students. Through our innovative and comprehensive Whole-school Reading initiative, we are dedicated to fostering a love for reading and equipping our students with essential literacy skills that will serve them throughout their lives.


The Significance of Reading


Renowned educator Doug Lemov once said, "Of the subjects taught in school, reading is first among equals - the most singular importance, because all others rely on it." At St. Michael’s, we embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly. We understand that well-developed literacy skills are intrinsically linked to the success and life chances of our students. Therefore, our commitment to nurturing strong readers extends across our entire school community.


A Vibrant Literary Culture


Our school proudly cultivates a vibrant literary culture that celebrates the written word in all its forms. The school library stands at the heart of our literacy initiatives, acting as a sanctuary for young minds to explore captivating tales and ideas. We enthusiastically participate in national literacy events such as National Poetry Day and World Book Day, engaging students in exciting activities that spark their imagination.


Empowering Key Stage Three Students


To ensure that our students receive the best possible support, we have implemented several key strategies. All pupils in Key Stage Three have access to the Accelerated Reader program, an effective tool that not only encourages reading but also tracks their progress through interactive quizzes. As part of the English curriculum, students have dedicated reading lessons, where our passionate staff closely monitor their reading.


A Continuum of Reading Skills


In pursuit of continuous improvement, we have devised a continuum of reading skills that serve as a guiding light in our classrooms. This resource helps evaluate reading skills during lessons, enabling us to provide personalized support to our students. To further enhance the capabilities of our educators, we have invested in comprehensive staff CPD to strengthen their proficiency in disciplinary literacy.


Join the Reading Revolution


At St. Michael’s, we extend the invitation to every member of our school community, from students to staff, parents, and guardians, to join the Reading Revolution. Together, let us unlock the world of reading and equip our students with the power to thrive in their academic journey and beyond.


Discover the transformative power of reading with us at St. Michael’s!

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