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Our MFL Curriculum


The purpose of the MFL curriculum at St Michael’s is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop and practise their knowledge of MFL enabling our students to become talented linguists who can use transferable skills and knowledge to manipulate the language and use it in context. We promote an aspirational curriculum by creating the opportunity for pupils to study Spanish whilst following an engaging and culturally enriching curriculum plan that incorporates the different skills required for learning a Modern Foreign Language - Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Students will study different topic areas and themes as well as authentic materials and literature to enhance their cultural awareness with a focus on life in Spanish speaking countries.  Pupils are challenged at St Michael’s through the constant exposure to new grammar, continually developing their level of vocabulary and enhancing their communication skills through the effective use of phonics.


The MFL department endeavours to incorporate the four key skills into every lesson to develop every students’ knowledge of MFL. Our Big Ideas are taught across the curriculum and pupils are made aware of them by developing their language and applying their skills to learning opportunities in the classroom. Each topic has been tailored around each big idea but some topics will encompass more than one. Intercultural understanding aims to broaden students’ knowledge of Spanish speaking countries and to place their skills in context. Pupils are offered the opportunity to both visit countries abroad and experience different cultural activities within the school to enhance culture capital.


In MFL, our students ‘grow in wisdom’ through the Curriculum which incorporates the disciplines of Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar. Students ‘grow in stature’ as they explore specific language and concepts that are relevant to our everyday life, from travel to education, healthy living and social awareness to describing themselves and the important people in their lives. Exploration of language and culture is key to language learning, whether through lessons or other opportunities or experiences. Spirituality is developed through many topics, customs and traditions studied and students are encouraged to be empathetic to the cultures and take time to reflect on the beliefs and traditions of others.


Our MFL Big Ideas

MFL Scheme of Learning Overview Example

MFL Staffing


Subject Leader for MFL

Mrs C Mortimer

Teachers of MFL

Mr D Meir (Head of Sixth Form)

Miss K Dunleavy

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