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Big Questions Club

Big Questions Club began as a video series on our Chaplaincy YouTube channel and has now become an ever-growing lunchtime club, run by Josh, our School Chaplain, and Ethan, StoryHouse Church's L23 Youth Worker.



Students are given the opportunity to ask any questions they have about life, God, Christianity, or anything else on their minds, whether big or small, however easy or difficult.

Perhaps a thought from that week's worship has sparked a deeper question, or there's a big nagging question about life a student has always wanted an answer to. Big Questions Club is a forum where these questions can be freely asked, discussed and answered. Josh and Ethan seek to provide the Bible's perspective on these Big Questions to give hope in the midst of a hopeless world.


Can We Trust The Bible? || St. Michael's BIG Questions #1

Join Sam and Josh as they answer life's biggest questions posed by our students. This week's question is about the reliability of the Bible. Can we really believe it?

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