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Our Music Curriculum


Music at St Michael’s aims to allow pupils to build on their previous knowledge and skills through performing, composing and listening. They develop their vocal and instrumental skills; and understand musical structures, styles, genres and traditions, identifying the expressive use of musical dimensions.


Musical learning at KS3 is built around main strands, which are interrelated and overlapping working in an ever-increasing spiral of progression. These are: singing/ composing/improvising/ playing/ critical engagement/ social, moral, spiritual, and cultural/developing knowledge.


Pupils will use a range of instruments, voices and ICT in the music curriculum. They will learn about music, from many different traditions and periods, including the modern day.


Through a Performing Arts curriculum, which incorporates Music and Drama, our students ‘grow in wisdom’. Students ‘grow in stature’ as they explore creativity, performance and the ability to analyse, evaluate and justify their opinions. They cover topics ranging from music across the world to drama work dealing with social justice. All Arts lessons allow students to develop their sense of spirituality by learning how to evaluate and comment on work in a positive and constructive way. They also develop team work skills along with the ability to be creative and develop confidence in their own achievements.  




Music Big Ideas


Music Curriculum Plan

Music Scheme of Learning Overview Example




At St. Michael's, we believe that strong partnerships are essential for delivering an outstanding music education to our students. We are proud to have formed meaningful partnerships with a range of services and organisations. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide our students with unique opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed in music.


Sky Music Hub

Sky Music Hub Logo

Sky Music Hub are our music service provider and they offer instrumental lessons, musical equipment, and career networking opportunities to students of all ages and abilities. Their experienced and passionate teachers are dedicated to helping students achieve their musical goals, whether it's mastering a new instrument, refining their technique, or exploring academic pathways.


At St. Michael's we offer a wide range of instrumental lessons, including guitar, drums, saxophone, and many more. With our tailored teaching approach, we can help students of all levels and abilities to reach their full potential.


Shakespeare North Playhouse

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The Shakespeare North Playhouse is one of the leading arts institutions in the country and they offer a range of workshops and training programs to help you develop a career in the Arts. In addition to their workshops and training programs, they also host a wide range of events throughout the year, including theatre productions, concerts, and dance performances.


University of Liverpool

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The University of Liverpool, is a world-renowned institution that is dedicated to providing exceptional education and research opportunities to students from all over the world. We partner with the School of the Arts in providing open days, tours and access to events and workshops on the Music campus in the city centre.



Extra curricular clubs

At our school, we are proud of our extracurricular clubs and the many benefits they offer to our students. In addition to providing students with an opportunity to pursue their interests, our clubs also help to develop important life skills. Through participation in our clubs, students can develop leadership skills, teamwork skills, and time management skills, all of which are essential for success in the classroom and beyond.


Our extracurricular clubs are a great way for students to get involved in the wider community. Many of our music clubs have regular opportunities to perform in the community and have the frequent opportunity to perform in world-class venues such as St. George's Hall and Liverpool Cathedral.


We encourage all of our students to get involved and discover the many opportunities that await them.



Music Staffing

Mr. G. LoughneySubject Leader for Music
Mr. J. KaneTeacher of Music (Teach First)


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