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Our History Curriculum


We aim to create the very best historians at St Michael’s High School. We challenge students to think, act and speak like those working in the field would: to research thoroughly, to weigh-up evidence, to understand chronology, to evaluate interpretations and develop arguments. We do this by a consistent approach across the department ensuring all students develop the range of skills needed to become confident in their own opinions, make well supported judgements and expressing them articulately using keywords from topics and academic, historical vocabulary. Through a knowledge rich curriculum, we believe that knowledge underpins and enables the application of skills; both are entwined.


Whilst the curriculum is delivered in chronological order to support the development of pupil’s historical knowledge, we also develop the concept of thinking like a historian through our Big Ideas which are based around the fundamental concepts which are revisited frequently during KS3 and into KS4 through careful sequencing. Each topic has been tailored around each big idea but some topics will encompass more than one. These Big Ideas are also developed through cultural capital opportunities which will provide a deeper understanding of history.


In History, our students grow in wisdom through the curriculum which incorporates the fundamentals of what it means to study British and World History and how it impacts our world today. Students grow in stature by developing the second order concepts that allow them to become successful historians. They can seek information and question the utility of historical sources and interpretations. Spirituality is developed in topics that lead into debate about BIG topics like war, genocide and what it means to be human. We also explore what heroic actions people have taken to help their fellow man in the face of adversity.


History Big Ideas

History Curriculum Plan

History Scheme of Learning Overview Example

History Staffing


Subject Leader for History

Mr E Treanor

Teachers of History

Mrs J Farrell

Mr J Smith


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