World Book Day

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 World Book day at St Michael's High School

Thanks to Miss Vickers for the organising the event and the staff for taking part

Please check out the twitter account for more information


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 Fairtrade fortnight 23rd to 8 March 2015. School will be having various events in support of Fairtrade. Please keep an eye out for the various events around the school and support Fairtrade as much as you can.


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Harry Potter Evening


 February 5th saw the first ever National Harry Potter Night event and here at St Michaels the library was transformed into Hogwarts for the evening. Lots of children from our Fun learning Club came dressed in their best wizarding attire with wands at the ready to participate in the magical activities. They impressed us all with their outstandingly detailed knowledge about the Harry Potter books whilst playing games such as Which Wand? Potter Pictionary and Potions Master. Prizes were awarded in the form of Chocolate Frogs, Bookmarks and specially made Hogwarts Badges. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the event and as they left platform 9 3/4 they each collected their own letter to join Hogwarts delivered to them by Owl Post.



An Insight into Acoustics


As part of their 6th form enrichment, students visited Liverpool University’s Acoustic Research Unit to learn about the effects of acoustic vibrations. The transfer of vibrations and sound waves can cause unwanted noise and damage to objects. Students learnt how to minimise these effects with the application of acoustic treatment.


Students gained an insight into current industry testing, including the use of acoustic vibrations for “sonic cleaning”. This is where sound waves are blasted at an object to clean grit, dirt and dust off its surface and out of its pores.

Students also experienced the deadly silence of the anechoic chamber, the cathedral-like acoustics of the reverberation chamber and also had the opportunity to take sound pressure measurements of some noisy tools!

Anyone planning on studying engineering, architecture, physics or music technology at degree-level would find the area of acoustics relevant.


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