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'Word of the Week': existence (KS4)
'Word of the Week': forty (KS3)
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Reveal Theatre Company

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Our Sixth Form students had the opportunity to work with the Reveal Theatre Company on their "Game On" programme. "Game On" has been delivered in schools and colleges since 2009 and has been developed to reflect local, national and international politics.

The programme of work uses participatory workshops concerning experiences and issues that relate to modern British society. "Game On" explores the counter-arguments to extremist narratives to empower the learners to be able to critically think and challenge as young citizens. It explored how communities change and the subsequent possible impact. The work uses presentations, dramatic interventions and discussions led by experienced practitioners who have been working in the field of PREVENT and Education for many years. The work is supported by the Home Office, Regional PREVENT Offices and Police Forces nationally.

This final event was part of a series of workshops with sessions on Personal development and identity, team building, aspiration, life in the Sixth Form – being positive role models, achievement and involvement within the School. It included work on Citizenship and the use of positive language. Finally, the topic of student preparation for the wider community was explored, hopefully inspiring our students to achieve positive post 6th form destinations as future learners or employees.

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St. Michael's 'Make A Difference'

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On Saturday 11th October a group of year 8 students who have joined the St Michael's 'Make a difference' group took part in a national charity event for cancer research Uk called 'March on Cancer' which is part of the bigger charity event ' Stand up to cancer' which will be aired on Channel 4 this coming Friday.

One night. 15 cities. Tens of thousands of people united in a collective show of force. At 7.30pm on Saturday 11 October, we’ll March to remember those we’ve lost. March for those who are fighting. And we’ll March to celebrate the lives saved by research.”

The students joined hundreds of others to march from pier head in Liverpool city centre down to the Echo arena and back, each with their own placard which named people they wanted to march for. 

The students showed real strength and reflection during the event and will continue to show support by selling pin badges for the charity this week in school. One student also raised an additional £50 for Cancer research.

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