NEWS: COVID 19 Update

Following on from my letter dated 13 March 2020

COVID 19 update

Dear Parent/Carers

Following on from my letter dated 13 March 2020, I would like to stress that we are monitoring the situation closely and receiving daily updates from the Government via the Department of Education and Public Health England. The school's cleaning routines have been reviewed and we will endeavour to ensure that surfaces and ‘touchpoints’ such as door handles, light switches etc. are regularly disinfected. Hand washing facilities are being checked and replenished daily.

The gathering of children in larger numbers will be reduced as much as practicably possible with assemblies, parents' events, trips, visits and fixtures all suspended until further notice.

Please note the latest Government guidelines regarding self isolation for 14 days if anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Covid 19. Contact NHS 111 for all medical advice.

The school will remain open unless told to close by Public Health England or Government, or if it becomes impossible in logistical terms to secure the safety of students due to high staff absence. In the event of a closure we have plans in place to provide work through online facilities which we will share with you if and when required.

Thank you for your continuing support at this difficult time, and with all best wishes to you and your family.


Dr S J Hulme

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