All students in Years 7-11 wear school uniform which has been chosen for its smartness and practicality. Our uniform contributes to the working atmosphere of the school and we insist that students adhere to the standards below.



A black blazer with school badge (badge available from school office).

Black school trousers / skirt

White shirt

Black v-neck pullover (optional).

Socks or tights (plain black or white).

House Tie (available from school office).

All black footwear - not trainers.


Student Appearance

Hair styles

Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. Hairstyles should be in keeping with the restrained nature of the uniform and should not present a danger to the wearer, e.g. during practical lessons. Patterns, shapes etc cut into the hair are not acceptable. Large/bright coloured headbands should not be worn. Vibrant hair colours are also not permitted.



One plain ring may be worn plus a single pair of plain stud type earrings. Nose studs, eyebrow clips, etc. are not allowed. Other jewellery should not be worn.



Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn.

Additional items, e.g. outdoor coats, are not worn in classrooms, in the Assembly or Drama Hall or in the dining rooms. Sweatshirts (hoodies) and caps are not allowed in school.


Mobile phones, ipods and MP3 players

Students are not expected to have these in school. Students who do bring them do so at their own risk. There is no school insurance cover for these items.



All students are expected to have a pen, pencil, ruler and eraser. In addition they may find a scientific calculator, mathematical instruments, a sketch pad, paintbrush and coloured pencils useful.

A school bag large enough to take books and files is essential.

Technology/Science Technology/Science aprons (yellow) are essential and are available from the school.


Books and Stationery.

Stationery is provided free, but supplies are limited and economy in use is expected. Text books are on loan; they must be used carefully and returned when required. If a text book or exercise book is lost or returned in a poor condition, a charge will be made.

Please note there is currently a review of summer uniform.



Black shorts with gold piping

Plain black socks


Football boots

Shin pads

Towel for showers (if required)

Carrier bag for dirty footwear after lesson

Either Black short sleeved T-shirt with St Michael's name in gold

Or Long sleeved black football shirt with gold panel

Or both

Also available black tracksuit (optional)

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