Our specialisms are MUSIC with ENGLISH

St Michael's is one of only four schools nationally to have this joint status and we feel it reflects two key strengths of the school.

Music enables confidence and personal skills to develop in our students, which is reflected in the music that is heard in public areas of the school and in the many concerts, services and other activities that our students become involved in.

These range from performances in Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, 'One' centre, Crosby civic hall to name but a few.

In addition our own facilities for music are outstanding: a professional recording studio enhances the life and work of the school and the community we serve, a variety of performance venues on site with high quality lighting and sound systems, and excellent class music facilities that include the latest computer technology.

Under 'curriculum'

See our 'Music: What's On?' section for upcoming performances

See our 'Music: What's playing? section for student compositions/recordings


English is quite simply the key to the curriculum and at St Michael's we place great importance on the development of literacy across the school. Innovation sees the use of 'Kindles' to engage students and a highly interactive and inspirational teaching and learning environment in which students prosper.

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