The Science department at St. Michaels is staffed by 6 specialist science teachers, a dedicated level 3 Science Teaching Assistant and a laboratory technician. There are 7 fully equipped laboratories, all featuring interactive whiteboards. A computer suite is also available for students. The department is extremely fortunate to have a developing school farm which is used as an engaging and motivating resource, enabling pupils to explore animal care first hand.


Keystage 3

During Years 7 and 8, pupils study the KS3 National Curriculum through engaging and challenging activities that focus on development of scientific working skills alongside knowledge and conceptual understanding. Each term pupils study a Biology, Chemistry or Physics topic which is accompanied by a ‘Big Practical Project’ allowing a variety of teaching strategies aimed at different, or preferred learning styles.


Student’s progress is carefully tracked; with intervention and support being provided to pupils who require additional support. Regular assessment includes homework which is detailed on the Show My Homework website, alongside half termly assessments and DIRT (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time) tasks.


Students begin a GCSE entry level course of study in year 9, which is developed to provide a sound basis for their studies in KS4.


Keystage 4

At Key Stage 4 all students will follow the Edexcel GCSE course in Core Science. This consists of the following units:


Biology (B1 – Influences on life) – 25%

Chemistry (C1 – Chemistry in our world) – 25%

Physics (P1 – Universal Physics) - 25%

Controlled Assessment – 25%


The majority of pupils will also study Edexcel GCSE Additional Science. This is also delivered in 4 units:

Biology (B2 – The components of life) – 25%

Chemistry (C2 – Discovering Chemistry) – 25%

Physics – (P2 – Physics for your future) – 25%

Controlled Assessment – 25%


For pupils who do not study Additional Science, the department offers an alternative course of study with BTEC Level 2 in Animal Care


Pupils are also offered the opportunity to study Triple Science as one of their option subjects.


All pupils in KS4 are offered regular revision sessions and provided with support materials, including previous examination papers and mark schemes, which are also located on the schools VLE.


Pupi’ls progress is carefully tracked, with intervention and support being offered to pupils requiring additional support.



Our Science department offers a range of enrichment activities, with the jewel in our crown being our school farm. This offers pupils hands on opportunities to feed and care for animals, whilst learning about the needs and requirements of living things.


Other motivating and rewarding activities include:

  • STEM club and activities, including the annual robotics challenge.
  • National Science Week – get involved in a range of different activities


Science Trips

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