Religious Studies


We have 2 specialist Religious Studies teachers, each with a dedicated classroom with a fully interactive whiteboard, and one Faculty Teaching Assistant.


KS3 textbooks include the Sue Penny series (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), This is RE by Cath Large, Jesus by Kevin O’Donnell, Religion in words and pictures (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism) by Sarah Thornley and Religions to InspiRE for KS3, Christianity, which prepares Year 9 students for the GCSE course.


KS4 textbooks include Discovery by Libby Ahluwalia, Christianity in Today’s World edited by Sally Lynch, Christianity: Behaviour, Attitudes and Lifestyle by Joanne Cleave and Philosophy and Ethics for OCR B BY Jon Mayled and Jill Oliphant.

Students have also access to a wide range of materials on the school VLE


Keystage 3

Our students are set on entry based upon KS2 data and these groupings are in line with the English Department. Our half-termly assessments allow us to track improvements and our teaching staff target intervention to support students who have found it difficult to reach their learning target. We follow the Diocesan Framework in Years 7 to 9.


Keystage 4

Our students are introduced to the GCSE course in Year 9 and currently study the GCSE course for examination at the end of Year 11. We have 2 tiers of entry, Full course (grades A*-E) and Short Course (grades A*-G, but worth half a GCSE) which we feel provides flexibility to suit all our students' learning styles and ensures all are challenged sufficiently and are prepared for college, employment and university.


We follow the OCR B Course in Philosophy and Ethics.



To motivate, challenge our students further, we take part in enrichment activities such as the KS3 Religious Studies day at the Anglican Cathedral. Students get the opportunity to develop skills, spend time in workshops and develop a deeper understanding of influential Christians and key beliefs.


Older students are offered after school support and weekend revision sessions as the GCSE exam approaches. Guest speakers and various members of the Christian community are invited into school in order to give students a fully understanding of Christian life.


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