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The ICT & Computing curriculum is designed to reflect our school values and beliefs as stated out in our mission statement, ‘Achievement for All’ and that of the LDST, ‘Jesus grew in wisdom and stature’.

Technological development in the 21st century has made the world around us an exciting place where distances and circumstances maintain few barriers to the journeys of enquiring minds. At St Michaels we want our learners to develop enquiring minds for them to strive with confidence within the area of ICT. Coupled with this they will develop a skill set to meet life challenges within a digital world whilst embracing the benefits gained and using them to their full potential. We envision a learning environment where the use of digital technology is regarded as an integral part of our everyday practices. By the time our learners leave they will be fully ICT literate and have the knowledge and skill set of safe and effective online etiquette.



In ICT & Computing we implement this through the delivery of a high quality of education which places developing the computing concepts at the forefront of planning. Each scheme of learning is prefaced by its own intent, implementation and impact rationale, underpinned by a deep understanding of the computational concepts.

In the schemes of learning assessment is a meaningful vehicle for learning, of learning and as learning to ensure we make a profound positive difference to all students. Use is made of the Knowledge Curriculum documents and the level of knowledge demonstrated by our learners is then used to inform the expectations from our staff on the depth and quality of expected outcomes.

At Key Stage 3 bespoke units of work are developed by our staff that ensure that all National Curriculum objectives are met and in many cases exceeded. ICT and Computing is delivered one lesson per week at Key Stage 3 and also as an option subject at Key Stage 4 where the OCR Creative i-Media course is undertaken and all course requirements are rigorously delivered.

Various quality assurance activities are undertaken to rigorously ensure that the implementation of the ICT & Computing curriculum has maximum impact across all ability levels and are inclusive of SEND.



GCSE uptake is consistently the highest of all option subjects. Target grades, are continually monitored to identify progress and where support needs to be implemented. In addition, our predicted grades are extremely accurate in relation to final outcomes.

Our student outcomes at GCSE Level consistently meet or exceed the national average across the subject. The department staff are extremely dedicated to ensuring our pupils achieve their highest potential.

A Level uptake is by far the highest of all A Level subjects, along with the highest outcomes and retention rates. The A level course we offer provides a smooth transition from GCSE and provides an environment where students feel supported and familiar with the high level of expectation and encouragement they receive. The success of the A Level provision opens doors to a wide range of Higher education and employment opportunities

Student feedback, across all year groups, tells us that they feel enjoy their learning experience in ICT Levels across all years and Key Stages.

Year 7: “I enjoy ICT, I loved making my cartoon it was really fun even though it was hard”

Year 11: “I just want to thank you for making my education an enjoyable experience, you have given me a new level of confidence that I hope to take into college with me”

Year 13: “I am glad I picked ICT as one of my options. Thank you for your support when I have found it difficult and helping me get the grades I needed for University”


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