Curriculum Intent

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Our core aim is to ensure that each individual is valued and achieves success within a caring and purposeful Christian community. Our curriculum is designed to reflect our school values and beliefs as set out in the school’s mission statement, ‘Achievement for All’ and that of the Liverpool Diocesan Schools Trust, ‘Jesus grew in wisdom and stature’.

Our curriculum has been designed to be fully inclusive to enable all our students to achieve excellence. This means providing our children with an ambitiously academic curriculum; one that is knowledge-rich and which introduces students to ideas and concepts beyond the National Curriculum and prescribed examination specifications. Our curriculum aims to develop memory and recall in order to equip our students with the factual knowledge they require to be able to confidently problem solve and critically reason. We believe that the acquisition of key knowledge is fundamental to the development of higher order thinking skills and that knowledge and skills exist in a symbiotic relationship to facilitate deep, long term learning. The curriculum is planned to ensure that the knowledge and concepts in all subject areas taught are carefully sequenced to allow students to make progress and the development of, literacy through identified key vocabulary in each unit of work, and numeracy are key components of this.

We believe that our students are entitled to be able to learn about the greatest ideas, writings and discoveries of the past and present and to be taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, as well as giving them opportunities to access and participate in a wide range of enrichment activities. This ensures that all our students, regardless of ability or background, leave St Michael’s not only well qualified but as confident individuals and responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to any part of society and who can live rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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