Curriculum Impact

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The curriculum ensures pupils at St Michael’s develop the key knowledge and skills needed to achieve well. In English and in Science, pupil outcomes are at or above national expectations and Mathematics has seen a steady increase in attainment for the past 3 years.

Pupils at St Michael’s all continue to positive destinations and there has been only 1 NEET pupil in the last 7 years. St Michael’s is in the top 20% of all schools for the proportion of SEND pupils. These pupils achieve well, with their overall progress being well above the national average.

Lesson reviews, work scrutiny and pupil voice all demonstrate that pupils’ work across the whole curriculum is of good quality. Pupils read widely and often through designated reading time in every English lesson, the use of accelerated reading and other initiatives such as ‘drop everything and read’ in other subject areas. Pupils’ mathematical skills are developed with a focus on deep learning through Maths mastery strategies.

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